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Darius Miniatures KV2 Turret 1/35 cod 35022

17.03.2016 20:11

KV2 turret

Darius Miniatures - B35022

The Darius' turret art. 35022 is formed by some resin pieces, in high quality with crisp details. I cleaned the pieces from support, the step is easy but is important proceed with care. I inserted a metal pin between the chassis and the ground for obtain a strong sobject. 


I began the painting phases with a primer coat on the turret. When it was dry, I used for first time the Ammo Mig modulation set Russian 4BO. 

I started the weathering phases with oils colour, I used the dot method. I bled all the "points" with a soft brush and white spirit.
The first scratches were realized with oils paint and a soft spong.
I added rust on turret with oils colours, on the light green scratches.
With dark oil paints I made the lining for adding more shadow in recess zone.
The Tamiya XF 69 is perfect for to realize the dark shadows around the impact zone.
I ended the weathering step with dark oil , blend from the impact zone in down direction and the Kv2's turret was completed. 









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