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F4U-1 Corsair "white 20" VMF 213 - Guadalcanal 1943

05.07.2014 09:12

Corsair F4U1 - white 20

Pilota 1st Lt. Foy R. Garison (o Garrison in altre fonti) appartenente al VMF 213 , Guadalcanal 1943.

All rights are reserved to their authors.


This is the project's kit .


First step is the building of cockpit with detail set from Eduard. This is the early construction with initial details
Coming soon new photos.


adding more details in scratch

the cockpit with details from Eduard's PE



the engine is complete for install in fuselage

I decided , for interior cockpit, to reproduce the Dark Dull Green , with Gunze n.302.






I have completed the mounting step with the alignment of the wings. After this I have sprayed a coat of Tamiya primer for verify if there are problem with mounting phase. With a sandpaper 1000 I have eliminated some others last little problems

Now my idea is paint the F4u as a tank ....... then I have painted the base coat with tamiya XF4 Yellow was painted during the WWII....



Now I have sprayed a protective coat with Future and after a coat of hairspray. This is the base for weathering.






Hi, I insert two new photos. The upper surfaces , with Non Specular Blue Gray and lower surfaces with Light Gull Gray e NS Blue Gray. I obtained the colour with mix of Gunze Colours, H51 and H56 for NS Blue Gray (50-50). For Light Gull Gray on lower surfaces, I added some H11 or some XF69 for light and shadow area.

I have painted the National Insignia with Montex mask. This product is very fine, the work is some difficult, but the result is very rewarding.

and this is the final result

After this phase, I have worked on the weathering effect, using the hairspray method (see my precedent posts).
Since the base coat of hairspray was sprayed some day ago, is necessary a strong action, but only after verify if with a soft brush there aren't visible effect.

The pictures illustrates better than words !!

step 1 (hard brush and hot water)

step 2

step 3


new photos of work in progress. Now the birdcage is on legs!


The guns are realized with hypodermic needles. It's necessary make 3 hole inside the wings for correct position the "guns".

Now I'm working to mask the canopy for paint.

Finally completed!




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