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Kubelwagen in Normandy 1944

14.05.2015 08:50


Kubelwagen in Normandy 1944

Tamiya's kit is very easy to assembly, the general form is very convincing. There are possibility to add most details a this good kit.
I suggest to visit the website

I have added the weld on exhausts , removed two pins and closed with putty and make a hole in terminal.
More little details is visible in photo

From Primeportal


The seats are simplified, I have engraved only the rear structure to simulate the springs

I prefer now to make the preshading on floor, engine zone and others internal zone because not easy to paint after the mounting.

after some time I return on this with some update. I have completed the build of little car with support of Eduard's Pe , very good and easy to use. I have added some wire un light, horn and others electrical little engine. With putty I have modify the canvas. The wheels aren't glued but in position only for photos.
Next step the painting ......


I insert an Update , some photos of paint step.

I have sprayed a light coat of Black Vallejo for preshading, after the base coat of Dunkelgeld, realized it with a mix of Vallejo 71081 + white from air colour.
The tamiya green XF43 completed the camo.


The new step is the lining with oils colour, as in picture. The Hitlerjugend symbol is realized with stencil, the plates with trasfers numbers. I have found in internet a dbase with some plates numbers of german vehicle during WWII, and this is the criteria because I have reproduced the 175071 number.


and its diorama ...


I hope you like it. Suggestions and criticism are welcome.





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