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Sherman Firefly Vc - "Belvedere" - Tamiya 1/35

14.05.2015 08:39

Sherman Firefly Vc 

Tamiya 1/35

Now on my workbench there is the Firefly Vc from Tamiya. It kit it's the great kit Firefly  Vc ex Tasca . All the build is very easy, I added onle the gun barrel from Rb Model. At present it is ready for paint.

I started with painting. The first step was a tiny coat of Tamiya grey primer, after I sprayed the base colour SCC 15 realized with a mix of Tamiya colour. On modelling websites there are different  suggestions for to realize the SCC15 and I chose the mix with XF58  and XF 62 . Tomorrow morning I'm going to spray a light coat of SCC 15 with adding of XF4, for "to move" the base colour.

Next step, lining all over the recess with Cassel Earth 

I painted some details with Vallejo colours

I realized the wood with.Burnt Humber and Cassel Earth (oil colours)...

.dust.... with Tamiya Buff and Humbrol 121 and 93 (dot technique)

The tracks are in good quality, I painted they with in order : Primer (2 coat), Gunze H77, Tamiya Buff, wash with Cassel Earth (oil colour) and when they dry I used a pencil "HB" for metal parts

grease and grime with Cassel Earth and  linseed oil

Special thanks to Mr. Luigi Manes for your support during the wip.








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