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Universal Carrier MKI - Riich Models

16.02.2014 09:48

The Riich Models Kit is composed of nearly 600 styrene pieces , in addition to photoetched and metal details. The quality of the kit is very good, as well as the details are of great value.

The instruction sheet is quite simple and the various stages of assembly are very well illustrated.

I am currently working on the details of the engine, using the walk around on Internet.

Some shots .....


Il kit della Riich Models è composto da quasi 600 pezzi in styrene, oltre a fotoincisioni e dettagli in metallo. La qualità del kit è molto buona, così come i dettagli sono di pregio.

Il foglio di istruzioni è abbastanza semplice e le varie fasi di montaggio sono molto bene illustrate.

Attualmente sto lavorando al dettaglio del motore, utilizzando i walk around presenti su internet.

Qualche scatto .....

This is the tank that I intend to make, it is a Universal Carrier photographed in Sicily, near Nissoria in the summer of 1943.

Questo è il mezzo che intendo realizzare , si tratta di un Universal Carrier fotografato in Sicilia, vicino Nissoria , nell'estate del 1943.

Il motore non è visibile seguendo le istruzioni, quindi ho deciso di rimuovere un pannello di ispezione e consentire di vedere l'interno


The engine is not visible following the instructions, so I decided to remove an inspection panel and allow to see the inside..



engine ready to paint

For paint the engine I have used a Vallejo's colours and the hairspray method for weathering


Now the radio set No.19 and the engine are in final position, the weathering is in progress..

In this phase was utilized hairspray and sponge method.


I mounted the bogies but they are very fragile and complicated to put in line, I had to create a guide for correct align them. After I have installed the tracks, are those of the kit, there are individual truck and segment of trucks. The detail is great but the operation is a little delicate. The sag is not the best but I think it's okay. Now the model is really very fragile, my sensation is a bit more difficult to mount those to the right trucks.

this is the guide for the correct alignment of the bogies ....


Camouflage with tamiya colours, light mud and blue-black


Base coat of Future for apply the decals


weathering with oils, enamel and acylic colours....


Finally the work is completed !


an there are the two new Royal Models details sets

The complete article on Military Modelcraft International magazine , May issue!!



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