Modellismo militare

KV2 turret

Sd.Kfz.251/22 Pakwagen

Afv Club


I received this kit partially built. I decided to complete it. I began with some putty for to fill some small space between lower and upper hull.


I sprayed the red primer on all surfaces , I used Gunze paint H47 and H69.

For to replicate the weathering and aged the model, I used the hair spray metod. The interior was painted in dunkelgelb , I used Gunze H403

I made some shadow on external surfaces with Gunze colours H34, H47 and H3

I protected the red primer with a coat with Future, than when it dry, I sprayed a coat of hair spray and after 10 minutes I sprayed the dunkelgelb. With a medium brush and some water I removed the dunkelgelb for to reproduce some scratches.


I don't like the result and i repainted it with Gunze's colours, then I used the sponge method for light weathering.

I started with diorama project. The ruin house is from Custom Dioramics. I added the windows frame in scratch with evergreen articles. Will be four figures in diorama, three from Alpine Miniatures and one from Platoon brand. I painting them with acrilic colours (Vallejo). Stay tuned.

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