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Darius Miniatures KV2 Turret 1/35 cod 35022

17.03.2016 20:11
KV2 turret Darius Miniatures - B35022 The Darius' turret art. 35022 is formed by some resin pieces, in high quality with crisp details. I cleaned the pieces from support, the step is easy but is important proceed with care. I inserted a metal pin between the chassis and the ground for obtain a...

Morser 21cm

11.12.2015 09:36
Coming soon the complete wip  

Us Tractor D7 w/Towing Winch D7n

11.12.2015 09:29
U.s. Tractor D7 Miniart art.35174   Some photos from internet  

Tamiya Famo Sdk.Fz.9 1/35

23.07.2015 12:33
Sdk.Fz.9 Famo 1/35 Tamiya   Primer KColours preshading and dunkelgelb from Gunze camo with Gunze's colours and Iwata Hp Cs airbrush I used the excellent KSigil from KColours for to assembly the tracks. Now the model is complete. I'm going to make a canvas for the rear zone. With a...

Kubelwagen in Normandy 1944

14.05.2015 08:50
  Kubelwagen in Normandy 1944 Tamiya's kit is very easy to assembly, the general form is very convincing. There are possibility to add most details a this good kit. I suggest to visit the website I have added the weld on...

Sherman Firefly Vc - "Belvedere" - Tamiya 1/35

14.05.2015 08:39
Sherman Firefly Vc  Tamiya 1/35 Now on my workbench there is the Firefly Vc from Tamiya. It kit it's the great kit Firefly  Vc ex Tasca . All the build is very easy, I added onle the gun barrel from Rb Model. At present it is ready for paint. I started with painting. The first step was...

" Red Army"

09.08.2014 18:55
Bantam in Red Army   Finish model Thank you Mr. Alberto Cazzavillan for painting figures.

F4U-1 Corsair "white 20" VMF 213 - Guadalcanal 1943

05.07.2014 09:12
Corsair F4U1 - white 20 Pilota 1st Lt. Foy R. Garison (o Garrison in altre fonti) appartenente al VMF 213 , Guadalcanal 1943. All rights are reserved to their authors.   This is the project's kit .   First step is the building of cockpit with detail set from Eduard. This is the early...

Universal Carrier MKI - Riich Models

16.02.2014 09:48
The Riich Models Kit is composed of nearly 600 styrene pieces , in addition to photoetched and metal details. The quality of the kit is very good, as well as the details are of great value. The instruction sheet is quite simple and the various stages of assembly are very well illustrated. I am...

Jsu 122 - English version text

28.07.2013 10:06
JSU 122 5th Army Destroyer of Guard Eastern Prussia Naidebourg February 1945 DRAGON 1 / 35 For some time I thought of creating a model with winter camouflage and heavy mud. But I had postponed pending finding the right idea, an image that allowed me to give "big guns" Skimming through the...
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